deepGroove Show 353
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deepGroove Show 353

After a short summer break i will be back with re-filled deepness.

2 hours Deephouse Mix contains Music by Kings Of Groove, Rocco, Manoo, Raoul K, Dixon, Monosoul, Andy Hart, DJ Pierre, Jazzuelle, Roland Clark, Melohman, Till Von Sein, Homero Espinosa, Coeo, &me, Crazy P, Mike Sharon, Alvaro Hylander, Jose Vizcaino

Mix on Soundcloud (320 Kbps)

Mix on Podomatic (128 Kbps)


  1. lahvThe Revenge – Grit
  2. Kings Of Groove And Rocco – Cubalibre (Rocco Spectral Dub Mix)
  3. Manoo And Raoul K And Ahmed Sosso And Dixon – Toukan (Dixon Rework)
  4. Monosoul – Life On The Red Island
  5. 3ngine And Pedro Costa – Metanoia (Pedro Costa Remix)
  6. Serge Devant And Damiano C And Camille Safiya – Thinking Of You
  7. Andy Hart – Sorayama’s Mistress
  8. DJ Pierre – What Is House Muzik (Jazzuelle’s Deeper Acid Mix)
  9. Roland Clark – I Love My Life
  10. Lahv And Dvine Lopez – The Music
  11. Melohman And Javi Bora And Shyam P And Till Von Sein – Rise Up (Till Von Sein Remix)
  12. Till Von Sein And Ke And Homero Espinosa – Enjoy My Love (Homero Espinosa Vocal Mix)
  13. Padez – Nuugrooves
  14. Coeo – Native Riddim (Alternative Version)
  15. &me – The Rapture
  16. Jeremy Juno And Dave James – Harlem (Dave James Remix)
  17. Oliver Dollar And Crazy P – Loose Beat
  18. Ruff Stuff And Mike Sharon – Hidden Sun (Mike Sharon Remix)
  19. Processing Vessel And Alvaro Hylander – Deep Satisfaction (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
  20. Sergio Gusto – Far Away
  21. Jonn Hawley And Mikey V – This Love
  22. Jose Vizcaino – Sure I Can

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deepGroove Show 333
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deepGroove Show 333

Music by Roman Mühlschlegel, Alex Agore, Scott Diaz, Chopstick & Johnjon, Youandme, Herb LF, Manoo, Marc Cotterell, Karol XVII

Mix on Podomatic (128 Kbps)

Mix on Soundcloud (320 Kbps)

1. Jan Ketel – Siggatunez – Want Some
2. Jakobin & Domino – Roshambo
3. Roman Mühlschlegel – Dein Freund Die Bohne
4. Alex Agore – Madness
5. Munk – Nigerian Jam
6. Giorgio Maulini – For The Youth
7. Scott Diaz – The Difficult Third Track
8. Tony Wardan – Romaz – Why Don’t You
9. Dirtytwo – Back In The Day
10. Ian Blevins And Nyak – Good Feeling
11. Kou – Indigo
12. Patryk Molinari And Chopstick & Johnjon – Hide (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
13. Youandme And The Analog Roland Orchestra And Black Soda – Reflection (Morning Light Mix)
14. Herb Lf – Trennscheibe
15. Needle – Exodus
16. Emilie Nana And Manoo – Music (Manoo Remix)
17. Marc Cotterell – Love Is The Message (featuring Claudia)
18. Finest Wear – Playing With Vibes
19. Jay-J And Clay Acox – Keep On Dancin’ (Jay-J’s Moulton Studios Dub)
20. Karol XVII & Mb Valence – Maruda (Gorge’s Summer Vibes Remix)

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deepGroove Show 330
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deepGroove Show 330

Music by Fred Everything, Jazzuelle, SIS, Baldo, Lars Behrenroth, Onur Ozman, Kyodai, Manoo, Jacques Renault, Kim Ann Foxman, Maya Jane Coles, Scott Diaz, Oscar P, Moodymann

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Mix on Podomatic (128 Kbps)

Mix on Soundcloud (320 Kbps)

1. Fred Everything And Jinadu And Jazzuelle – Searching (Jazzuelle Remix)
2. Jeff SwiFeat. And Berndt – Raw Tinnie (Berndt Remix)
3. Jacques Renault And Lemonade – Faith (Lemonade Remix)
4. Jakobin & Domino – Polar 7
5. Sis – Wurlitzer In Me
6. Kotelett & Zadak – Sons Of Attica
7. Matteo – Color Of Love (Sunset Celebration Mix)
8. Leandro Silva – Do It
9. Baldo – Be Memorable
10. Lars Behrenroth – The Box
11. Onur Ozman And Kyodai – I Don’t Know (Kyodai Remix)
12. Tears Of Change – 707 Loves Us
13. Maurice Aymard And J.e.e.p. And Manoo – Mellocoton (Manoo Remix)
14. Jacques Renault And Vito & Druzzi – Faith (Vito & Druzzi Remix)
15. Kim Ann Foxman And Maya Jane Coles – It’s You That Drives Me Wild (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
16. Scott Diaz – 1520 Sedgwick
17. Shatz And Matthieu – Cabaret
18. Scott Diaz – Love We Had
19. Sean Smith And Carla Prather And Oscar P – So Gone (Oscar P Ny To Chicago Mix)
20. Moodymann – Shine

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deepGroove Show 322

Music by DJ Aakmael, Âme, Dixon, Manoo, Rocco, DJ Aakmael, Boris Dlugosch, Hans Thalau, Brett Johnson, Lance Desardi, Terrence Parker
Mix on Podomatic > 322 (128 kbps)

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1. Peggy Gou And Terekke – When Round And They Go (Terekke Remix)
2. Alex Arnout – Primal
3. Anthony Nicholson – Turn Me
4. DJ Aakmael – Space
5. Sebastian Fiegen – Dopeman
6. Stp – Right On Track
7. Ame And Dixon – Fiori (Dixon Beat Edit)
8. Steinklopfer And Sued – Sorry For Being So Ugly
9. Anthony Nicholson – Suckapunch
10. Nandu And Tyra And Manoo – Glömde (Manoo Remix)
11. Ree Morris And Rocco – My Piano (Rocco Deep Mix)
12. DJ Aakmael – Beautiphul
13. Lake People – Uneasy Hiding Places
14. Boris Dlugosch And Session Victim – Keep Pushin (Session Victim Mix)
15. Call Super – Migrant
16. Sebastian Davidson – Flowers From Underground
17. Hans Thalau – Black Bb
18. Brett Johnson And Lance Desardi – The Mission (Lance Desardi Remix)
19. Sebastien Grand – Holdin’ On
20. Terrence Parker – Haazy Day
21. Steven Wobblejay – Hang Out


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deepGroove Show 317

Music by 4matiq, Arnaud D, Manoo, Kid Fonque, D-Malice, Clara Hill, Atjazz, Kaytronik, Abicah Soul

1. Sound Illusionz – Our Presence
2. Soulem, Mbuso Magubane – Choices
3. Lips – The Conscious
4. M Deeh, Demented Soul – U Do U (Feat. Darian Crouse) (Demented Soul’s Imp5 Deeper Vocal Mix)
5. Enawadan – Kroyo
6. DJ Cio – Force Heal (Main Mix)
7. Sunni Patterson, Blade Deep, 4matiq – Universal Souls
8. Dany Cohiba – The Spear Of Destiny
9. Arnaud D, Rescue Poetix – Miracle
10. Justin Imperiale, M. Caporale – Pulse Of Life (M. Caporale Remix)
11. Seductive Sapphire, Tayo Wink – Just Deep (Tayo Wink Afrolove Mix)
12. Stephanie Cooke, Diephuis, Han Litz, Manoo – Beautiful Life (Manoo Flute Mix)
13. Extreme Wa Zb – My Thoughts (Touch ‘n Type Remix)
14. Kid Fonque, D-Malice, Clara Hill, Atjazz – All This Time (Atjazz Astro Remix)
15. Original Man, Kaytronik – Let’s Get It (Go Get It!) (Kaytronik Let’s Get Tha Love Dub)
16. Mark Francis – Nyc To Chicago(Feat. Abicah Soul)
17. Klevakeys, Diamondancer – Raising Vibrations (Klevakeys Soul Vibes Remix)
18. The Journey Men – Workin’
19. Dj Jacko, Chelsea Como, Shino Blackk – Closer (Blackkdraft Mix)
20. DJ E-Clyps – That Brooklyn Ish (Part 2)
21. Matthew Yates – Hater Motivator