deepGroove Show 361

deepGroove Show 361

Music by DJ Ino, Ashley Beedle, Whomadewho, Ron Trent, Robert Owens, Mr. Fingers, Vikter Duplaix, Danism, Jaidene Veda, Ursula Rucker, Nick Holder, Herb Lf, Manoo, Super Flu, Karizma, Kaytronik, Roland Clark

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Mix on Podomatic (LoFi – 128 Kbps)


  1. DJ Ino And MC Johnny Def – Love Is In The Air
  2. Mama And Ashley Beedle – Unmask Me (Ashley Beedle Vocal Mix)
  3. Sonny Joey Waschington – Don’t Give Me (Sonny Deep Mix)
  4. Whomadewho – Dynasty (Denis Horvat Remix)
  5. Ron Trent And Robert Owens And Mr. Fingers – Deep Down (Mr. Fingers Remix)
  6. Hallex M And Vikter Duplaix – These Feelings
  7. Lil Bobster – Kids Playing At Night
  8. Danism And Train (Uk) And Blondewearingblack – Let’s Go
  9. Q Narongwate And Miwa – If I Let This Go (Dub Mix)
  10. Jaidene Veda And Ursula Rucker And Nick Holder – Humble Pie (Nick Holder Remix)
  11. Herb Lf – Von Zeit Zu Zeit Seh’ Ich Den Alten Gern
  12. Of Norway And Linnea Dale And Karim Sahraoui – Favourite Mistake (Karim Sahraoui Uplifting Remix)
  13. Ron And Manoo – The Sound
  14. Systm B – Clarity (Seductive Sapphire – (Jd3) Just Deep (Just-A-Pella))
  15. Super Flu And Sobek – 3 And1 (Sobek Remix)
  16. Twolegs And Kaytronik And Karizma – Worth It (Kaytronik’s Worth It Dub)
  17. Nightsteppaz And Roland Clark And Chris Luzz – The Energy Of The Room (Chris Luzz 6am Sunrise Remix)
  18. Rubix – Recover (Club Edit)
  19. Linkwood – Secret Value

deepGroove Show 325

deepGroove Show 325

Music by Oscar P, Robert Owens, Kenny Summit, Richard Earnshaw, Kevin Yost, Lavvy Levan, Groove Assassin, Dennis Ferrer, Souldynamic, Homero Espinosa, Mr. V, Kevin Yost, Kaytronik

Mix on Soundcloud (320 Kbps)

Mix on Podomatic (128 Kbps)

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1. Oscar P And Robert Owens And Eric House Device And Berny – Thank You (Eric House Device & Berny Edit)
2. Doug Gomez – Rhythm Of The Falling Rain
3. Mr. V – Riddims
4. Ticck – Conn Artist
5. Claude-9 Morupisi – When I First Saw You
6. Brett Johnson And Kenny Summit – Get It Together (Kenny Summit’s Deep Warehouse Trip)
7. Sumsuch And Will Brock And Richard Earnshaw – All Along (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
8. Kevin Yost – Keep On Loving
9. Lavvy Levan – Ambition
10. Sleepy & Boo And The Synthe Tigers – Awareness (The Synthetigers Remix)
11. Groove Assassin And X Gets The Crest – Blow The Party (X Gets The Crest Remix)
12. Africanism – Bibi – Macumba Walélé
13. William Rosario – Bring The Bass
14. Dennis Ferrer, Danil Wright, Souldynamic – Church Lady (Souldynamic Organ Dub)
15. Homero Espinosa, Mr. V – Set Me Free (Main Mix)
16. TNIY – Love Comes Through
17. Christo – Space
18. Kevin Yost – Shout
19. Hudson – Eighty
20. Bonetti – The Chain Is Gonna Break (Deez Rewire Mix)
21. Sebb Junior – Everytime
22. Kaytronik – Boy


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deepGroove Show 318

deepGroove Show contains Deephouse Music by Vincenzo, Kaytronik, Seb Skalski, Rocco, Chymera, Vincenzo, Mic Newman, Pablo Bolivar, Kaytronik, Mr. V, Borrowed Identity, Kevin Yost, Fred P, Detroit Swindle
Mix on Podomatic > www.deepgrooveshow.podomatic.com/dgrshow318 (128 kbps)
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The new Website is on. What´s new?
You could register to deepGroove Show right now and login on the right side (Smartphone user please scroll down). You could create your own account, create friendship with Deephouse addicts (Find and add me here), create own status so everyone of your friends could see that AND visit the new forum to promote your own Mixes, self produced tracks and many more (Forum will be updated soon). I create the forum for all Dj´s and producer because i don´t want to promote my own Show …. i´m a Deephouse addict too and i want to give everyone a place to express himself.
It´s our Music. Share it.

1. Soultechnic – Hearing
2. Vincenzo – Follow
3. Kaytronik – State
4. Johannes, Hazel, House – Turn It Around (House Mix)
5. Kaytronik – Boy
6. Kru Styles – Dreamers Anthem
7. Seb Skalski – Black Agenda
8. EXtreme Wa ZB – My Thoughts (Touch ‘n Type Remix)
9. Sebastien Grand, Rocco – Downtown (Rocco Remix)
10. Chymera – The Divided Self
11. Vincenzo, Mic Newman – Melbs
12. Pablo Bolivar, Dactilar – The People We Like
13. Alie Duke – Deep Within
14. Pat Bedeau – Brotherhood
15. Original Man, Kaytronik – Let’s Get It (Go Get It!) (Kaytronik Let’s Get Tha Love Dub)
16. Larry Espinosa, Mr. V – Express Yourself
17. The Journey Men – Close To Me
18. Borrowed Identity – Faith
19. IndySoul, Darian Crouse, Entity – It’s Me [I’m The One] (Entity’s Soulful Reprise)
20. Kevin Yost – Shout (Deep Reason Version)
21. Fred P – Unbroken Circle
22. Detroit Swindle – More Everything Please


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deepGroove Show 317

Music by 4matiq, Arnaud D, Manoo, Kid Fonque, D-Malice, Clara Hill, Atjazz, Kaytronik, Abicah Soul

1. Sound Illusionz – Our Presence
2. Soulem, Mbuso Magubane – Choices
3. Lips – The Conscious
4. M Deeh, Demented Soul – U Do U (Feat. Darian Crouse) (Demented Soul’s Imp5 Deeper Vocal Mix)
5. Enawadan – Kroyo
6. DJ Cio – Force Heal (Main Mix)
7. Sunni Patterson, Blade Deep, 4matiq – Universal Souls
8. Dany Cohiba – The Spear Of Destiny
9. Arnaud D, Rescue Poetix – Miracle
10. Justin Imperiale, M. Caporale – Pulse Of Life (M. Caporale Remix)
11. Seductive Sapphire, Tayo Wink – Just Deep (Tayo Wink Afrolove Mix)
12. Stephanie Cooke, Diephuis, Han Litz, Manoo – Beautiful Life (Manoo Flute Mix)
13. Extreme Wa Zb – My Thoughts (Touch ‘n Type Remix)
14. Kid Fonque, D-Malice, Clara Hill, Atjazz – All This Time (Atjazz Astro Remix)
15. Original Man, Kaytronik – Let’s Get It (Go Get It!) (Kaytronik Let’s Get Tha Love Dub)
16. Mark Francis – Nyc To Chicago(Feat. Abicah Soul)
17. Klevakeys, Diamondancer – Raising Vibrations (Klevakeys Soul Vibes Remix)
18. The Journey Men – Workin’
19. Dj Jacko, Chelsea Como, Shino Blackk – Closer (Blackkdraft Mix)
20. DJ E-Clyps – That Brooklyn Ish (Part 2)
21. Matthew Yates – Hater Motivator