deepGroove Show 369

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Welcome to deepGroove Show & Podcast with episode 369 which contains Deephouse tracks by Pablo Valentino, Pete Pilgrim, Glissando Bros., Cubase Dan, Matthias Vogt, Alvaro Hylander, Jazzuelle

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Mix on hearthis.at (HiFi – 320 Kbps)


Mix on Podomatic (LoFi – 128 Kbps)



  1. Pablo Valentino – Atlantic’s Calling (One For Portugal)
  2. Kvrvbo – Light Wave
  3. 4004 – No Dreams
  4. Pete Pilgrim – Apple Tree Secrets
  5. Ojpb – Macro Synthèse
  6. Sir Rizio – Walk With Me
  7. Ta-Ice – Bele Nele
  8. Glissando Bros. – Flowers (Glance Mix)
  9. Discult Soundsystem – Idtknw
  10. Cubase Dan And Ori Kawa – The Other Way
  11. Kasmeek Beatronix – The Awakening
  12. Wayne Snow And Ge-Ology – Nothing Wrong (Ge-Ology In Reverse Reflip)
  13. T. Ruggieri And Matthias Vogt – Don’t Touch Me (Matthias Vogt Retouch)
  14. Sonophone – Lene
  15. Jason Mitchell – Gotta Have Soul (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
  16. Swati Tribe – Urbanization
  17. Frederick Alonso – Artificial
  18. Jazzuelle – Access PointMama – Unmask Me (Long Version)

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deepGroove Show 362

deepGroove Show 361 with Deephouse music by Baldo, Vince Watson, Rocco, Kevin Yost, Ron Trent, Tiefschwarz, Luna City Express, Pablo Bolivar, Langenberg, Monosoul Kyodai, Jazzuelle

2nd last Mix for 2017 and over christmas i won’t take a break and release the last Show on December 22nd.

But that´s not all. In old tradition there will be a new “New Years Eve” Mix soon. 6 hours running time.

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Mix on hearthis.at (HiFi – 320 Kbps)


Mix on Podomatic (LoFi – 128 Kbps)


  1. D.y.a – Lite (Edit A)
  2. Abyssoul And Sio And Hector Cooper – Words (Hector Cooper Remix)
  3. Baldo And Ruff Stuff – All Together (Ruff Stuff Remix)
  4. Stereo Tone – Lunar Eclipse
  5. Vince Watson – Machines Need Love
  6. Bunus – Guinney
  7. Charles Desire – Colours Of Blue (Dub Mix)
  8. Rocco – Someday (Summer Duck Mix)
  9. DJ Different – Cloud Dancin’
  10. Kevin Yost – Human Spirit
  11. Nikia Sunchld – Burundi (Deep Dub)
  12. Teddy Douglas And Ron Trent – Land Of Love (Ron Trent Overdub Remix)
  13. Tiefschwarz And Yawk – South
  14. Jask And Jocie And Nikos Diamantopoulos – Dreams (Nikos Diamantopoulos Mix)
  15. Luna City Express And Pablo Bolivar – Unity (Pablo Bolivar Remake)
  16. Soundealers And Langenberg – I Know You Want Me
  17. Monosoul – Hot Concrete
  18. Kyodai And Tatsu – Geisa
  19. Alan De Laniere – Ocean (Jazzuelle’s Darkside Dub)

deepGroove Show 353

deepGroove Show 353

After a short summer break i will be back with re-filled deepness.

2 hours Deephouse Mix contains Music by Kings Of Groove, Rocco, Manoo, Raoul K, Dixon, Monosoul, Andy Hart, DJ Pierre, Jazzuelle, Roland Clark, Melohman, Till Von Sein, Homero Espinosa, Coeo, &me, Crazy P, Mike Sharon, Alvaro Hylander, Jose Vizcaino

Mix on Soundcloud (320 Kbps)

Mix on Podomatic (128 Kbps)


  1. lahvThe Revenge – Grit
  2. Kings Of Groove And Rocco – Cubalibre (Rocco Spectral Dub Mix)
  3. Manoo And Raoul K And Ahmed Sosso And Dixon – Toukan (Dixon Rework)
  4. Monosoul – Life On The Red Island
  5. 3ngine And Pedro Costa – Metanoia (Pedro Costa Remix)
  6. Serge Devant And Damiano C And Camille Safiya – Thinking Of You
  7. Andy Hart – Sorayama’s Mistress
  8. DJ Pierre – What Is House Muzik (Jazzuelle’s Deeper Acid Mix)
  9. Roland Clark – I Love My Life
  10. Lahv And Dvine Lopez – The Music
  11. Melohman And Javi Bora And Shyam P And Till Von Sein – Rise Up (Till Von Sein Remix)
  12. Till Von Sein And Ke And Homero Espinosa – Enjoy My Love (Homero Espinosa Vocal Mix)
  13. Padez – Nuugrooves
  14. Coeo – Native Riddim (Alternative Version)
  15. &me – The Rapture
  16. Jeremy Juno And Dave James – Harlem (Dave James Remix)
  17. Oliver Dollar And Crazy P – Loose Beat
  18. Ruff Stuff And Mike Sharon – Hidden Sun (Mike Sharon Remix)
  19. Processing Vessel And Alvaro Hylander – Deep Satisfaction (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
  20. Sergio Gusto – Far Away
  21. Jonn Hawley And Mikey V – This Love
  22. Jose Vizcaino – Sure I Can

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deepGroove Show 330

deepGroove Show 330

Music by Fred Everything, Jazzuelle, SIS, Baldo, Lars Behrenroth, Onur Ozman, Kyodai, Manoo, Jacques Renault, Kim Ann Foxman, Maya Jane Coles, Scott Diaz, Oscar P, Moodymann

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Mix on Podomatic (128 Kbps)

Mix on Soundcloud (320 Kbps)

1. Fred Everything And Jinadu And Jazzuelle – Searching (Jazzuelle Remix)
2. Jeff SwiFeat. And Berndt – Raw Tinnie (Berndt Remix)
3. Jacques Renault And Lemonade – Faith (Lemonade Remix)
4. Jakobin & Domino – Polar 7
5. Sis – Wurlitzer In Me
6. Kotelett & Zadak – Sons Of Attica
7. Matteo – Color Of Love (Sunset Celebration Mix)
8. Leandro Silva – Do It
9. Baldo – Be Memorable
10. Lars Behrenroth – The Box
11. Onur Ozman And Kyodai – I Don’t Know (Kyodai Remix)
12. Tears Of Change – 707 Loves Us
13. Maurice Aymard And J.e.e.p. And Manoo – Mellocoton (Manoo Remix)
14. Jacques Renault And Vito & Druzzi – Faith (Vito & Druzzi Remix)
15. Kim Ann Foxman And Maya Jane Coles – It’s You That Drives Me Wild (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
16. Scott Diaz – 1520 Sedgwick
17. Shatz And Matthieu – Cabaret
18. Scott Diaz – Love We Had
19. Sean Smith And Carla Prather And Oscar P – So Gone (Oscar P Ny To Chicago Mix)
20. Moodymann – Shine

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deepGroove Show 311

Music by Opolopo, Trinidadian Deep, Jazzuelle, Atjazz, Lisa Shaw, Dario D’attis, Rocco, Deetron, Dj Romain & Darryl D. Bonneau, Ron Trent, Mood II Swing, Mike Delgado, Masters at Work

1. Opolopo And Shea Soul – Be Enough
2. Trinidadian Deep – Tree Of Life
3. Nkokhi – Keep Going (Nkokhi 2015 Mix)
4. Luka And Sarah-Jannat And Jazzuelle – Sweet Lullaby (Jazzuelle’s Noctournal Dream)
5. Deepconsoul – In My Thoughts
6. Qb Smith – Lady Alma – Kabomo – Khanya (The Light- Ode To Dilla) (Qb’s Fantastic Dub)
7. Doomwork – Revision (Rancido Deep Soul Remix)
8. DJ Able And Tribal Audio And Aroop Roy – Deeper Space
9. Thee Gobbs – The Love [Feat. Tsholo( (Atjazz Floor Dub)
10. Luciano Gioia – Lifford Shillingford – Don’t Know (Main Vocal)
11. Owen Jay And Melchior Sultana – Contrasts
12. Lisa Shaw And Dario D’attis – All Over Again Feat. Lisa Shaw (Rocco Deep Mix)
13. DJ Pope And Marc Evans – Live It Up (DJ Pope Full Vocal Mix)
14. Dean Saunders – Into Dance (Chriscarter’s Laid Back Remix)
15. Gorgon City Feat. Laura Welsh – Here For You (Deetron Remix)
16. Ralph Lawson And Tuccillo – Hold Over Me (Ralph Lawson & Tuccillo Vocal Mix)
17. Dj Romain, Darryl D. Bonneau – It’s The Spirit (Inc. 83 West Mix) (It’s The Spirit (83 West Vocal Remix))
18. Usg, Ron Trent – Ncameu (Ron Trent Main Mix)
19. Mood Ii Swing, Fonda Rae, Francois K – Living In Ecstasy (Fk Groove Mix Edit)
20. Mike Delgado – The Murder Track
21. Voices – Voices In My Mind (Maw Mix)