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Eartone And Eider, Deejaykul, From P60, Lisa Shaw, Matt Prehn, Fish Go Deep, Manoo, Atjazz, Nick Holder, Kaydeep, Homero Espinosa

Welcome to deepGroove Show & Podcast with episode 367 which contains Deep House tracks by Eartone And Eider, Deejaykul, From P60, Lisa Shaw, Matt Prehn, Fish Go Deep, Manoo, Atjazz, Nick Holder, Kaydeep, Homero Espinosa

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  1. Eartone And Eider And Deejaykul – My Feelings (Deejaykul Meets Soultechnics Deepa Mix)
  2. From P60 And Lisa Shaw And Matt Prehn – Magic (Matt Prehn Remix)
  3. Fish Go Deep – Don’t Need Me
  4. Jakobin & Domino – True Things Are Rare
  5. Rafael Francesconi – Be Love
  6. DJ Welcome And Walkman – Every Reason (Feat. Walkman)
  7. Shota And Manoo – Smile (Manoo Vocal Remix)
  8. Boot Slap – Fade Into You (Extended Mix)
  9. Dave Anthony And Eman And Atjazz – Tree Of Life (Atjazz Remix)
  10. Austin Ato – Morning
  11. Q Narongwate – The One Hundred
  12. Roque – Still Can’t Sleep
  13. Rnr – Can’t Reach You
  14. Point G – Love Yourself
  15. Ouer – Charon
  16. Nandu – Another Jam (Another Acid Dub)
  17. Nick Holder – Lustful Pleasures
  18. Kaydeep – Aural Salient (Darker Vibe Treat)
  19. Luis Loowee R Rivera – My String Affair
  20. Homero Espinosa And Allen Craig – No No (Extended Mix)

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deepGroove Show Traxsource Charts

Traxsource Charts December 2017

My new Traxsource Charts with Tracks by Scott Diaz, Oscar P, Homero Espinosa, thatmanmonkz, DJ Spinna, Ron Trent, Kerrie Chandler, Kevin Yost & more

The Charts are in no Order and i hope you agree with it. Next Traxsource Charts will be seen then in 2018.

deepGroove Show 353

deepGroove Show 353

After a short summer break i will be back with re-filled deepness.

2 hours Deephouse Mix contains Music by Kings Of Groove, Rocco, Manoo, Raoul K, Dixon, Monosoul, Andy Hart, DJ Pierre, Jazzuelle, Roland Clark, Melohman, Till Von Sein, Homero Espinosa, Coeo, &me, Crazy P, Mike Sharon, Alvaro Hylander, Jose Vizcaino

Mix on Soundcloud (320 Kbps)

Mix on Podomatic (128 Kbps)


  1. lahvThe Revenge – Grit
  2. Kings Of Groove And Rocco – Cubalibre (Rocco Spectral Dub Mix)
  3. Manoo And Raoul K And Ahmed Sosso And Dixon – Toukan (Dixon Rework)
  4. Monosoul – Life On The Red Island
  5. 3ngine And Pedro Costa – Metanoia (Pedro Costa Remix)
  6. Serge Devant And Damiano C And Camille Safiya – Thinking Of You
  7. Andy Hart – Sorayama’s Mistress
  8. DJ Pierre – What Is House Muzik (Jazzuelle’s Deeper Acid Mix)
  9. Roland Clark – I Love My Life
  10. Lahv And Dvine Lopez – The Music
  11. Melohman And Javi Bora And Shyam P And Till Von Sein – Rise Up (Till Von Sein Remix)
  12. Till Von Sein And Ke And Homero Espinosa – Enjoy My Love (Homero Espinosa Vocal Mix)
  13. Padez – Nuugrooves
  14. Coeo – Native Riddim (Alternative Version)
  15. &me – The Rapture
  16. Jeremy Juno And Dave James – Harlem (Dave James Remix)
  17. Oliver Dollar And Crazy P – Loose Beat
  18. Ruff Stuff And Mike Sharon – Hidden Sun (Mike Sharon Remix)
  19. Processing Vessel And Alvaro Hylander – Deep Satisfaction (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
  20. Sergio Gusto – Far Away
  21. Jonn Hawley And Mikey V – This Love
  22. Jose Vizcaino – Sure I Can

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deepGroove Show 338

deepGroove Show 337

Merry Christmas and a better/happy 2017 to all of ya. See you next year.
Music by Masters At Work, Vikter Duplaix, Yoruba Soul, Reelsoul, Mr. V, Kerri Chandler, Shur-I-Kan, Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa, Shur-I-Kan, Catz ‘n Dogz, Johnnydangerous, John Julius Knight, Roland Clark, Colonel Abrams

Mix on Podomatic (128 Kbps)

Mix on Soundcloud (320 Kbps)
Link: https://soundcloud.com/deepgrooveshow

1. Basil – All True (Acappela Flute Mix)
2. New African Orchestra – Village Dance (Usg Village Dance Mix)
3. Tony S – Broken
4. Masters At Work And Vikter Duplaix – The Real World (Ritual Mix)
5. Reelsoul And Taylor P. – Angel
6. Soul Inscribed And Irfan Rainy & Rex Leon – Soul Shine (Rainy & Leon Remix)
7. Johnnydangerous And Mr. V – War With The Devil (Mr.v Main Mix)
8. Kerri Chandler And Monique Bingham And Kerri Chandler Andmonique Bingham – In The Morning (Main Raw Vocal)
9. Jakobin & Peletronic – Drake
10. Tony S – Broken
11. The Synthetigers And Tobirus Mozelle And Pablo Fierro – F.u.n (Feel U Now) (Pablo Fierro Remix)
12. Shur-I-Kan – Withdrawal Method
13. Waterson And Kryptogram – Shelter (Kryptogram Remix)
14. Mark Farina And Homero Espinosa And Seven Davis Jr. – You Should Be Dancing
15. Zues Raul – Untamed
16. Simon Mattson And Christian Nielsen – Reality
17. Shur-I-Kan – Track Two
18. Catz ‘n Dogz – It’s Happening
19. Johnnydangerous – Clear My Mind
20. Carlos Francisco And Javi Colors – Can You Feel It (Javi Colors Mix)
21. John Julius Knight And Roland Clark – This Is House (This Is House – A – Pella)
22. Colonel Abrams – I’m Not Gonna Let (Shuffle It Deep Mix)

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deepGroove Show 325

deepGroove Show 325

Music by Oscar P, Robert Owens, Kenny Summit, Richard Earnshaw, Kevin Yost, Lavvy Levan, Groove Assassin, Dennis Ferrer, Souldynamic, Homero Espinosa, Mr. V, Kevin Yost, Kaytronik

Mix on Soundcloud (320 Kbps)

Mix on Podomatic (128 Kbps)

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1. Oscar P And Robert Owens And Eric House Device And Berny – Thank You (Eric House Device & Berny Edit)
2. Doug Gomez – Rhythm Of The Falling Rain
3. Mr. V – Riddims
4. Ticck – Conn Artist
5. Claude-9 Morupisi – When I First Saw You
6. Brett Johnson And Kenny Summit – Get It Together (Kenny Summit’s Deep Warehouse Trip)
7. Sumsuch And Will Brock And Richard Earnshaw – All Along (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
8. Kevin Yost – Keep On Loving
9. Lavvy Levan – Ambition
10. Sleepy & Boo And The Synthe Tigers – Awareness (The Synthetigers Remix)
11. Groove Assassin And X Gets The Crest – Blow The Party (X Gets The Crest Remix)
12. Africanism – Bibi – Macumba Walélé
13. William Rosario – Bring The Bass
14. Dennis Ferrer, Danil Wright, Souldynamic – Church Lady (Souldynamic Organ Dub)
15. Homero Espinosa, Mr. V – Set Me Free (Main Mix)
16. TNIY – Love Comes Through
17. Christo – Space
18. Kevin Yost – Shout
19. Hudson – Eighty
20. Bonetti – The Chain Is Gonna Break (Deez Rewire Mix)
21. Sebb Junior – Everytime
22. Kaytronik – Boy


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deepGroove Show 312

Some Soulful by Kafele Bandele, Kai Alce, David Harness, Vick Lavender, Zulumafia, Dennis Ferrer, Souldynamic, Lilac Jeans & Sean Mccabe, Abicah Soul, Bucher & Kessidis, Dj Funky T, Homero Espinosa, Kevin Yost

1. Kai Alce, Rico & Kafele Bandele – Take A Chance (Kai Alce Original Ndatl Vocal)
2. The Synthe Tigers & Tobirus Mozelle – What Ever It Takes (David Harness And Homero Espinosa Remix)
3. Vick Lavender – Inspiracion Del Corazon
4. Zulumafia – Young Leaders
5. Dennis Ferrer – Church Lady (Souldynamic Remix)
6. N.y.’s Finest – Do You Feel Me (Cristopher Ross Mix)
7. Lilac Jeans & Sean Mccabe – Grandfather’s Blessings
8. Moon Rocket – Smash
9. Dj Tchok – My Love Is Free
10. Hoodrat – More Issues Than Vogue
11. Eugene Glasgow – I’ll Do Anything
12. Abicah Soul – Tranquility
13. Paul2Paul – The Test Tones
14. Enoo Napa – A Day’s Walk
15. Bucher & Kessidis – African
16. Toby Tobias – Sloflava (Session Victim Remix)
17. Domar – Still Tru (Jonny Bee Mix)
18. Dj Funky T – Go Deeper
19. Dimitris Anagnostou – Selfless
20. Homero Espinosa – Polk Street Boogie (Kevin Yost Remix)
21. Kat La Kat – Give Away