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Welcome to deepGroove Show & Podcast with episode 369 which contains Deephouse tracks by Pablo Valentino, Pete Pilgrim, Glissando Bros., Cubase Dan, Matthias Vogt, Alvaro Hylander, Jazzuelle

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  1. Pablo Valentino – Atlantic’s Calling (One For Portugal)
  2. Kvrvbo – Light Wave
  3. 4004 – No Dreams
  4. Pete Pilgrim – Apple Tree Secrets
  5. Ojpb – Macro Synthèse
  6. Sir Rizio – Walk With Me
  7. Ta-Ice – Bele Nele
  8. Glissando Bros. – Flowers (Glance Mix)
  9. Discult Soundsystem – Idtknw
  10. Cubase Dan And Ori Kawa – The Other Way
  11. Kasmeek Beatronix – The Awakening
  12. Wayne Snow And Ge-Ology – Nothing Wrong (Ge-Ology In Reverse Reflip)
  13. T. Ruggieri And Matthias Vogt – Don’t Touch Me (Matthias Vogt Retouch)
  14. Sonophone – Lene
  15. Jason Mitchell – Gotta Have Soul (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
  16. Swati Tribe – Urbanization
  17. Frederick Alonso – Artificial
  18. Jazzuelle – Access PointMama – Unmask Me (Long Version)

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