deepGroove Show 352

Last Mix before i leave in vacation and my house moving.
Hope to be back in 4 weeks (2 Shows will be paused) and you will stay real deep meanwhile.
2 hours Deephouse Mix contains Music by Sebastian Davidson, DJ Pierre, Marshall Jefferson, Nick Holder, Fred Everything, Hollis P Monroe, youANDme, Roy Davis Jr., Till Von Sein, Superlounge, Forteba, Boddhi Satva, Atjazz

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  1. Keytronics – Travelling
  2. Sebastian Davidson – Kvaran (Richard’s Galaxy Soul Remix)
  3. Matt Prehn – Dené Theron – Smooth Persuasion
  4. Bocca Grande – Below My Hands (Roy Davis Jr. Remix)
  5. Salut 80 – Real (Oscar P NY 2 Dtroit Mix)
  6. DJ Pierre – Marshall Jefferson – House Music
  7. Luyo – Eric Van Aro – Shanee (Nick Holder’s in the Six Remix)
  8. Jason Mitchell – Gotta Have Soul (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
  9. Fred Everything – Hollis P Monroe – Dawn
  10. Thabiso Muzi Mbatha – Rifts Of The Nile
  11. youANDme – PPPPP (Diva Mix)
  12. Nathan G And James Chappell – Blockwork
  13. Roy Davis Jr. And Terry Dexter – My Nation
  14. Session Victim – Bring It Back
  15. Super Flu – Pwf Fel
  16. Vhyce And Till Von Sein – Just To Make Me (Till Von Sein Remix)
  17. Yoni Yarchi And Tal Tager – The Promise
  18. Christos Fourkis – Beats & DJembe
  19. Superlounge – Jazzmatazz
  20. Forteba – Hardware Illusion
  21. Hideto Omura – Kunkel Strasse
  22. Boddhi Satva – Mama Kosa (Atjazz Astro Dub)

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